The new Rules for entering to Slovakia

From 05.07.21 entering the new rules for entering to Slovakia. Now it is not important from which country you are arriving in Slovakia, but whether the person entering to Slovakia is vaccinated or not.

Person vaccinated according to Slovak law is:

  • 14 days after receiving second dose of vaccine: Astra Zeneca, Pfizer or Moderna
  • 22 days after receiving the vaccine Johnson & Johnson

According to transitional period valid till 09.08.21 also as vaccinated are according to the law people:

  • 21 days after receiving the first dose of vaccine: Astra Zeneca, Pfizer or Moderna

Minors under 12 years old do not have obligation to be vaccinated.

All other people must undergo obligatory 5 day quarantine which ends with negative PCR test.

All travelers to Slovakia must be also registered also to e-border registration.

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