Teambuilding v Terchovej, autkemping Varin

Teambuilding v Terchovej

Zaži s nami nezabudniteľný firemný teambulding pre svojích zamestnancov a ich ro...

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Pilgrimage sites in Slovakia, Spanis Dolina

Pilgrimage sites in Slovakia

Slovakia is still very religious country. Overwhelming majority of the Slovaks are Ro...

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1 DMC World is a professional global network of DMCs in over 110 countries


E-TRAVEL.SK the leading incoming DMC & tour operator to Slovakia & Central Eu...

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Slovakia travel itinerary, spiss castle & spisska kapitula

Slovakia Travel Itinerary

Slovakia the hidden gem of Central Europe. Still not well discovered by the tourist w...

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Top 10 things to do & see in Slovakia

This article is dedicated to top 10 things to do & see in Slovakia according to u...

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The Green Journey of Slovakia

Slovakia by Train

Discover Slovakia by train with E-TRAVEL.SK, the leading incoming Tour operator to Sl...

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The Wine Tour of Slovakia

Wine Tour of Slovakia – Group Program Did you know that Slovakia is also a wine...

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Slovakia History & Nature Program

Couple of last years our best seller program. All the clients at the end of this exte...

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E-TRAVEL.SK services for sport teams

E-TRAVEL.SK as a leading incoming DMC offers also ground services for the sport teams...

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