5 reasons to add Slovakia in your offer

5 reasons to add Slovakia in your offer

Are you a travel agent looking for a new destination with great accessibility, good services, for reasonable price? Here are 5 crucial reasons why you should include Slovakia in your offer!

Slovakia is a distinctive destination dedicated to sustainability, providing year-round experiences tailored for individuals, couples, groups of friends, or families. It’s a country where everyone can discover something for themselves: engaging activities in unspoiled nature, city escapes infused with culture, rejuvenating vacations in spa centers, or culinary delights with local flavors in top-notch restaurants. Explore why Slovakia captivates travelers and media outlets globally and uncover inspirations for your clients upcoming dream holiday.

1. Sustainability

Slovakia has a quite big area where live not so many people. So your clients will everywhere feel relaxed, and can really enjoy the vacation feeling. Slovakia also not is “first class destination” like Paris, or Barcelona or neighboring Vienna so you will not feel, that the cities, national parks, castles, etc. are overcrowded by the tourists. 

In E-TRAVEL.SK we focus also on sustainability. One of our best seller products, it is The Green Journey of Slovakia, what is traveling around Slovakia by train with accommodation at the hotel located near train stations. 

5 reasons to add Slovakia in your offer

2. Nature

Slovakia and nature are more than synonyms; they are inseparable companions. Slovakia boasts an impressive diversity, ranging from the flat fields south of Bratislava to the vineyards of the Small Carpathians, and from the towering peaks of the High and Low Tatras in the north to the expansive plains along the border with Ukraine.

Often referred to as the New Zealand of Central Europe, Slovakia stands out as one of the greenest countries globally, harboring a thriving population of forest animals. The well-maintained system of trekking routes transforms Slovakia into a trekking paradise for all nature enthusiasts. Hikers can explore captivating destinations such as Sulov Rocks, Slovak Paradise, and the Small & Big Fatra National Parks, complementing the popular High & Low Tatras.

In recent years, Slovakia has also developed an extensive system of bike trails and cycling infrastructure, evolving into a haven for cyclists. The landscape caters to both seasoned bikers and casual riders, offering a diverse range of terrains and picturesque routes.

Water rafting, one of Slovakia’s national sports, adds an extra thrill to the outdoor adventure scene. The country provides numerous rafting opportunities, whether navigating through artificial canals or conquering the wild rivers, making it an appealing destination for water sports enthusiasts.

Slovakia’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty and fostering outdoor activities makes it a holistic haven for those seeking adventure, tranquility, and a deep connection with nature.

3. Explore towns and culture

Slovakia is teeming with charming small towns steeped in rich history. Did you know that Slovakia boasts the highest number of castles per capita? Explore intriguing facts and legends, immerse yourself in museums and galleries, marvel at architectural gems, and soak in the lively street atmosphere.

Prepare to be enchanted by the beautiful city center of the Slovakian capital, formerly known as Pressburg, which served as the capital of the Hungarian kingdom. Alternatively, discover the closely located Small Rome of Slovakia—Trnava—a city adorned with cathedrals, churches, monasteries, and sacred buildings. Explore the picturesque city center of Trencin nestled beneath the monumental Trencin Castle, or visit the perfectly squared square of Holly Mary in Zilina. Venture into the gothic towns established by German settlers in East Slovakia.

Slovakia has more to offer to your clients than meets the eye. Whether it’s the historical significance, architectural marvels, or the unique atmosphere of each town, Slovakia promises a captivating and enriching experience for all who visit.

5 reasons to add Slovakia in your offer

4. Healing Water

Our natural heritage includes healing and mineral water, making Slovakia, as a consistently verdant country throughout the summer, home to one of the world’s largest reserves of water. This is particularly valuable in the current era of “global warming.”

In Slovakia, an outstanding tradition of SPA and Wellness has flourished. Discover the ideal health resort for your clients based on their preferred region, addressing the specific needs of their body and mind at any given moment, and tailoring the type of holiday experience desired by them and their family. Wellness and aquafun are awaiting your clients!

5 reasons to add Slovakia in your offer

5. Top Destination for foodies

Slovaks have a deep love for food and dining, making Slovakia a paradise and top destination for all foodies. The country beautifully harmonizes the link between locally grown products, ingredients, and the art of fine dining. Whether indulging in traditional Pressburg cuisine in Bratislava or savoring the Slovakian national dish Bryndzové Halušky in a Koliba, your senses are sure to be delighted. Local peculiarities like sheep cheese and its derivatives, such as Korbáčik or Zinčica, add unique flavors to the culinary experience.

Slovakian wine production, primarily from the Small Carpathian Wine Route located on the outskirts of Bratislava, has gained worldwide acclaim. However, Slovakia is not just a haven for wine enthusiasts; it is also a country of beer lovers. Explore one of the countless microbreweries in Slovakia and treat yourself to organic beer paired with traditional Slovakian beer cuisine. The diverse gastronomic offerings in Slovakia ensure a delightful experience for every palate.

5 reasons to add Slovakia in your offer
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